October 14, 2017

Lecture/Hands-On Course
Hands–On Crown Lengthening Workshop

James Kohner, D.D.S.

This course provides a maximum "hands-on" experience covering the various principles and clinical procedures needed for crown lengthening. We cover indications, contraindications, and methods of managing surrounding bone.

Topics include: how to handle hard and soft tissues; proper surgical techniques; preservation of esthetics in the final tissue contours; and relocation of all structures that comprise the biologic width, namely: sulcus, junctional epithelium, connective tissue fibers, and bone.

The "hands-on" experiences include flap surgery with pig jaws, plus bone surgery on anatomically correct plaster models. It is coupled with a detailed slide presentation, as well as two video demonstrations of surgical technique.

Dentists who want to do some or most of their own crown extensions, or those who just want to know more about the subject, will be helped by this course. Crown extension is one of the most commonly required procedures in restorative dentistry, yet is often under utilized.

A workbook detailing the procedures is included.

• Make predictable impressions every time
• Learn why crowns come loose and how to prevent it
• Save chair time and be more profitable
• Understand causes of red gum tissue around crown margins
• Diagnose esthetic crown lengthening
• Understand the Gummy Smile
• Coordinate surgery with restorative procedures

James Kohner, D.D.S., received his dental degree from The Ohio State University, and Case Western Reserve University Dental School, and obtained his certification in Periodontics from the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr. Kohner is an experienced teacher who has presented courses on Soft Tissue Grafting to a wide range of audiences, including many state associations all over the US and in 8 foreign countries, and has presented at the American Academy of Periodontology meetings for many years. He has been teaching for the Perio Institute since 2003.

Check-in:, 8:00 AM
Program: Saturday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

UT Health San Antonio, School of Dentistry

Dentist: $695
Special discount fee: $486.50
(Must register for the October 13th "Gingival and Connective Tissue Grafting" course to receive discount)

CREDIT (Course Code: 161680A)
AGD Code: 492/499 Hours: 7

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